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Grammy-winning artist, John Berry and his wife Robin have worked together most of his music career, and continue to embark on the journey and project they have created together, a podcast series called Faith, Family & Friends. The twice monthly subscription based podcast is an interview series where John and Robin provide a warm atmosphere of conversation in their ‘sitting around the kitchen table’ approach to talking with their guests. The conversation with Country Music Hall of Famer and Grand Ole Opry titan Bill Anderson, is available now to subscribers of the Faith, Family & Friends podcast at www.johnberry.com

Listeners will be captivated and feel as if they are in the room with them. Each episode features a high-profile guest, including celebrities, sports stars, Hall of Fame members, best-selling authors, and entertainers, who share personal stories about how their faith, family and friends have impacted their lives and careers.

“I had a great time sitting down across the microphone and visiting with John Berry for his podcast, Faith, Family & Friends. John and I have so many things in common, both born in South Carolina, both raised in Georgia, having lived one street apart in a suburb of Atlanta. Our visit was more like a conversation between two old friends than an interview. I can’t wait for folks to tune in and share some laughs, a little music, and a few old memories with us,†shared Bill Anderson.

“I absolutely loved the conversation shared with Bill Anderson and digging a little deeper to learn about his faith, family and friends,†shared John Berry. “I love sharing time with friends I have made over the years, and learn new things.â€

Past conversations  on Faith, Family & Friends include the very last interview with the late Charlie Daniels, Jason Crabb, Larry Stewart, Neal McCoy, Billy Dean, Jimmy and Nina Fortune, Darryl Worley, Randy and Darla Hartley, Bill Cody, Duane and Norah Lee Allen, T. Graham and Sheila Brown, Chris Hillman, Vince and Barbara Dooley, Marty Raybon, Scott Hamilton, Kim Campbell, Megan Alexander.

Throughout John’s long and successful career, Robin has been right beside him, working behind the scenes as a background singer and as part of the JB team. While they have enjoyed an amazing life together, they have also faced difficult challenges, both in his career and his health. With God’s faithfulness being the constant in their lives, they have grown in their relationship with Christ, giving their marriage a firm foundation. Faith, Family & Friends is the perfect outlet, not only for John and Robin to share their life, but for their guests to speak freely about the three most important things in life; faith, family & friends.